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You Took It All: Pre-Save New Single

Since her last release 4 years ago, Sabrina is finally releasing a new song titled 'You Took It All' on the 11th of August!!

To be fair, 'You Took It All' was recorded in 2013. Impressively, even at 16 years old, Sabrina carried such maturity and depth through her lyrics and an emotional tone with her singing that, no matter the time, will continue to resonate.

As she puts it, "There's no better time than now to share what was once tucked under the rug."

Pre-Save HERE

Wanting more?

If you send a direct message to Sabrina sharing your snap-shot of having:

  1. Pre-Saved 'You Took It All' (link above)

  2. Followed Sabrina Soares on Spotify

As a thank you, a private video link will be shared to you on the 11th of August (release day).

In this video, she will give you an exclusive listen to songs she's currently working on, before the rest of the world hears it!

Click HERE to hear the story behind the song.


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